Month One Favorites

These items are ones that are used on the daily in our house now! Many of them can be found at Target or online!

1. MAM Pacifiers
Nora just started taking a pacifier really well and these are her favorite. We tried the Soothie brand but she didn’t keep them in her mouth very well. A pacifier really is an incredible invention! Especially at night!

2. Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper
This is what Nora sleeps in every night, right beside our bed. She seems to really love it and I love that it rocks on its own! I usually don’t have to use the rocking function until I put her down after her first feed at night.

3. Little Remedies Gas Drops
Wow! Do we have a gassy girl on our hands. She is always burpin’ or tootin’ and sometimes her little tummy hurts real bad when she has some gas. This of course makes her fussy, we giver these drops and about 15 minutes later she is lettin’ out all that gas! It is both entertaining and great because she gets relief and we get to laugh!

4. Munchkin Wipe Warmer
Nora does not like having her diaper changed and I think this helps a little. I want one for me too!

5. Fisher Price Bouncer Chair
We actually didn’t register for one of these and weren’t planning on getting one. Then I realized about a week before she was born that we didn’t have anything that was easy to move from room to room. So we picked this one up for only $30! So glad we did because, besides the bassinet it is our most used item!

6. Raney Day Designs Burpies
I am slightly biased because the creator of these is my lovely sister in-law, but I love these burp rags! I had her make me a few and they already look pretty raggity because they get so much use!

7. Gripe Water
Nora gets the hiccups just about every time after she eats. She doesn’t mind them for the first few minutes but then she starts to get upset. The Hub’s sister told us about this stuff and it is amazing! We give her the recommended dose when she gets the hiccups and they are gone after she finishes taking it! It says it helps with colic, gas, and teething as well but we haven’t noticed it doing much for those.

8. Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle
Bedtime routine always involves nursing Nora on one side, burping her then putting her in the swaddler before nursing on the other side and putting her down for the night. Babies love to be tight, warm and cozy and for the most part she really does love being swaddled. If her arms get twisted or aren’t down by her side she gets frustrated so we just adjust and she’s happy again! She also looks super cute, like a little baby burrito!

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