Baby’s Room ~ A Mini Tour

So disclaimer, I do not like calling it a nursery. Not sure why, I have just never liked that word much. So we always just call it the Baby’s Room at our house. I really had dreams of having the most adorable decor in the whole world because I really care about home decor. However, this room was our guest room and is our only other room besides the master – #starterhome. So I went back and forth for along time about if I wanted to keep the guest bed in the room along with the crib. I ultimately decided that with all of our family living far away, we needed to have the guest bed in the room.

After making that practical decision I thought that I lost all chances to have a “perfect” room for our bebe. I think it turned out pretty stinkin’ cute though! It is not finished, there are still a few boy or girl touches hiding in the closet that can’t be put up until after peanut arrives. But here is what we have so far!

Also, quick shoutout to The Hubs who was actually very involved in the process of putting this room together! Best hubby ever!

Looking in from the hallway. 
We took the closet door off to make more room.

Still need crib bumper and skirt. A cute wooden pennant with baby’s initial will go under the “Dream Big Little One” sign.

Bebe will really know its ABC’s!

A big letter of baby’s initial in a boy or girl color will go above the changing table. 

3 thoughts on “Baby’s Room ~ A Mini Tour

  1. Deborah Raney says:

    Could not have turned out cuter! And as Mimi to your bebe, I'm glad you left the guest bed! Really, the way you have it set up and “dressed,” it's more like a daybed, and I bet you'll like having a cozy/comfy spot like that in there anyway.

    I can hardly WAIT!!


  2. Joan Arning says:

    My grandson has shared his room on my visits since he graduated to a “big” bed (captain's bed with trundle). He's 12 now and I recently commented that he won't want to share his room with me much longer. He assured me that he likes for me to sleep in his room and always will!


  3. Tobi says:

    Ooh! You added to the changing table area! Love it! Those pails will come in handy for baby goop tubes and stuff! Can't wait to see the big letter – but mainly b/c that will mean I know the gender and name AND have FINALLY met my little niece or nephew!


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