26 Weeks and a New Look

I spent hours the other night redesigning my blog. I am no graphic designer like The Hubs, but I know my way around photoshop fairly well and enjoy making my blog look good! 

Let me start off by saying that I cannot believe I am 2 weeks away from the 3rd trimester! Some days it feels like time is dragging on, but overall it is truly flying by! Cannot wait to meet this precious baby! 

Maternity clothes? Yes! And these pants from Macy’s are the best ever! Cute and comfortable! I got them in dark green and went back for the blue pair because I loved them so much! 

Sleep: Still sleeping well but I am told that might end soon 😦

Best moment this week: Getting another great report at the doctor! Baby has a strong heartbeat, my weight gain and belly growth are perfect for this stage and things are moving along smoothly! So relieved every time I go and get a great report! 

Miss anything? Being able to bend down easily. I have resorted to having my students pick things up for me now. It is just getting harder and harder to maneuver myself in some ways. 

Food cravings: Basically everything tastes good right now. Give me all the food! 

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope!

Gender: No clue, but I sure am excited to find out in February! A random lady on the elevator at the doctor’s office said “you’re having a boy aren’t you!”. She was shocked to hear we weren’t finding out. 

Symptoms: Nothing new to note this week. 

Looking forward to: A day with my sister shopping at IKEA!!!! 

How’s Dad doing? Great! He is getting a bit antsy about meeting the little peanut though. I love to see him so excited! He is going to be the best dad ever! 

Baby’s room: No new progress has been made lately. I am excited to start hanging some things on the wall in the coming weeks though! 

One thought on “26 Weeks and a New Look

  1. Deborah Raney says:

    Love that little butternut squash so much already! I liked your post on why you want to be surprised whether it's a boy or girl. I like the surprise…but not sure I'd have been able to “stand strong” if we'd had the technology to find out when I was having babies. We DID find out ahead of time with you!

    The new blog design looks great!



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