25 Weeks

We got the crib built and rearranged the baby’s room so I had to change the location of the bumpdate pictures. 
Maternity clothes? I got to go shopping this weekend and pick up a bunch of my own maternity clothes! I will most definitely still be wearing all the hand-me downs but it is nice to have some clothes that I picked out and that fit me perfectly! 
Sleep: I am sleeping really well but I wake up very sore and achey. 

Best moment this week: I gotta say, the shopping spree was pretty great 🙂

Miss anything? Being able to get comfortable and stay that way. 
Food cravings: Still loving the pop tarts and the other day I was REALLY wanting a PB&J but we were out of peanut butter. I sort of felt like crying… is that too dramatic?
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope!

Gender: No clue, but I sure am excited to find out in February! 

Symptoms: Thanks to the recommendation of a friend I got myself some Prevacid and my heartburn is GONE! It was seriously the worst, so glad that’s gone! 
The other day I saw the baby move around slightly, it was crazy cool!
Looking forward to: I have some big doctors appointments coming up. Next week I go for my strep test and possibly another ultrasound so they can get better views of the baby’s spine. Baby was not cooperating last time, they said what they saw looked great but they may do another to get the views they missed. I sort of hope they do! 
Then at 28 weeks I have to go in for my glucose test and Rhogam shot (my blood is Rh negative). 
I always love the doctors appointments because it helps me feel at ease that everything is fine and baby is growing strong and healthy. 

How’s Dad doing? Wonderful! He was a champ at putting together his old crib with no instructions! He even rigged it up so it is no longer a drop-side crib and is way safer. He also would like everyone to know that he was the one who had the idea to do the bumpdate photos in front of the crib and he arranged the mouse and bear in the picture himself 🙂 Love that man! 

Baby’s room: Pretty much finished now that the crib is built, everything is painted and furniture is arranged. There is NOTHING on the walls yet but that will change after my sister and I go to IKEA this weekend! 

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