21 Weeks

Maternity clothes? Pretty much exclusively wearing maternity pants. Mixing it up with regular and maternity shirts.
Sleep: Been pretty good lately, I think mostly because I have been so busy and therefore so exhausted. 

Best moment this week: A change of plans landed me a day off of work. I used it to buy a few things for the baby’s room and just relax!
Also, The Hubs and I went to a Ben Rector concert in St. Louis and out to eat at Pi Pizza. Such a fun Thursday night date and baby’s “first” concert!

Miss anything? A non-aching back! 
Food cravings: I have been really thirsty lately so I have been drinking tons of water (go me!). I am basically eating anything in sight. I get real hungry about 9:00 each morning so I snarf something down in my classroom before picking my kids up from special class. 
Anything making you queasy or sick? The Hubs burnt some eggs again. He is now banned from making eggs!

Gender: Still going to hold strong until February! But I’m starting to think boy… not sure why, just a feeling. 

Symptoms: STRONG baby kicks! They are no longer just flutters but distinct little kicks and I LOVE them! I am starting to pick up on the baby’s active times of the day so hopefully soon, Collin will get to feel a kick! 
Looking forward to: Our ultrasound in 3 days! Prayers that all goes well and the report on baby is that it is growing perfectly strong and healthy! 

How’s Dad doing? Great! He is getting anxious to feel a kick. The little peanut is a bit of a turd. I will feel a kick and quickly lift up my shirt to try and see the next one and what do you know… no kicks. A couple minutes after I quit looking and I will feel some kicks. We may have an ornery one on our hands! 

Baby’s room: Big progress has been made! See below! My sister is coming over this weekend to help me paint the crib (Collin’s baby crib!). We are leaving the guest bed in there so we can still have family over to stay. Lots of things to be done still and many things that need a new permanent home, but we are making progress! 

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