20 Weeks

I have officially hit the half way mark! So exciting! 

This update is very boring. Not much has changed since last time other than the size of my belly. 

Maternity clothes? I got some more hand-me downs and now have some great pairs of jeans! I ordered a pair of maternity dress pants and am going to look for one more pair and it should get me through. 

Stretch marks? Nope! Still rubbin’ that Palmer’s cream all over my belly each morning. 

Sleep: It has been off and on lately. Some nights I sleep great and others I am very restless and wake up sore. I am at least getting plenty of sleep each night which will be rare once this baby is born! 

Best moment this week: The outfit above. I actually felt like I looked kind of cute in it. Haven’t felt too cute in anything lately. 

Miss anything? My old clothes. Still just feel like I am wearing the same 10 shirts all the time because they are what fit and are comfortable. I’m sure later in my pregnancy I won’t care what I look like and will just want comfort! But right now I want to wear all my cute fall cloths and so many of them do not fit. 
Food cravings: Big cold glasses of milk have been my thing lately!
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nothing this week.

Gender: Still going to hold strong until February! 

Symptoms: Nothing really new to report other than some mild heartburn.

Happy or moody most of the time: Still very happy! Growing a baby is exciting! 

Looking forward to: Our ultrasound that’s coming up! Our baby will look like a baby and not a blob! 

Hows Dad doing? In his own words “Starting to get very impatient and ready for the baby to get here!” 

Baby’s room: Progress was made! Collin had been keeping some of his clothes in the closet in the baby’s room and he just moved them all over to ours so there is room for baby clothes! 

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