17 Weeks!

Cannot believe that today I am only 3 weeks away from being HALF WAY! I am actually really enjoying being pregnant but I am also so excited to meet this precious baby!!!!

The bump comes out in full force in this dress! 


Maternity clothes? I officially have no pants that I can wear without rubber banding them. Some of them I can get buttoned but they are so uncomfortable or they dig into my bladder which is also very bad. 

Stretch marks? Nope! Let’s keep it that way! I have some cream that is suppose to prevent them… maybe I should start using that. 

Sleep: This is a big change I have noticed this week. I am not sleeping well at all. I wake up about 3 times a night to go to the bathroom and then I cannot seem to fall back asleep. I am also having lots of trouble getting comfortable. Pretty soon Kira and the cats are going to be kicked out of the bed because there won’t be room for baby-bump, both parents, and 3 animals! Rigby still sleeps in a kennel, so he is no trouble! 

Best moment this week: Watching my belly grow! It just keeps getting bigger and bigger and I sort of love it! Seeing myself get bigger puts me at ease that this precious baby is growing big and strong! 

Miss anything? A good night’s sleep!  
Food cravings: I saw a picture of someone eating a bagel and cream cheese and I HAD TO HAVE IT!!!! We didn’t have either of those things so they are now on the grocery list 🙂
Also, The Hubs and I love the show Masterchef and on last night’s episode they made chocolate cake… you guessed it, I will also be making chocolate cake soon! 
Anything making you queasy or sick? I was gagging to the point of almost puking when cleaning out some old sausage gravy from the fridge. It wasn’t even that old but it made me sick to my stomach. 
I am however proud of myself because on Thursday I had a student almost puke all over me. We were walking down the hallway and I was right beside him and he started throwing up everywhere. I held it together and didn’t even gag while I got him a trashcan, sent him to the nurse and even cleaned the puke up! #pregnancywin

Gender: Still going to hold strong until February! 

Symptoms: Stretching of my round ligaments. I didn’t even know what that was called until I googled it. It is the ligaments in your lower stomach and pelvis that expand as your uterus grows (who knew right?). If I bend or stretch in a certain way it feels tender and sore. 
Also, still peeing constantly. The urgency has been really bad lately and sometimes I have to stop class and take all my kids for an extra bathroom break just so I can go. It’s crazy because it just hits me like a brick wall all of a sudden. It gets so bad sometimes I can hardly walk! 

Happy or moody most of the time: Still very happy! Growing a baby is exciting! 

Looking forward to: Scheduled our next ultrasound! In a month we get to go and see the baby again and make sure all of its organs and vital parts are developing correctly. 

Hows Dad doing? The Hubs was shocked when I told him that bebe was the size of a pomegranate. He said “whoa, pomegranates are huge! Good job baby!” 

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