First Bumpdate!

I wanted to jump on the “bumpdate” wagon because I have talked to so many people lately who are trying to recall details from their pregnancy to give me advice and they just can’t remember. Being pregnant with our first child is something I don’t ever want to forget and I am sure looking back at these photos will be fun when this little nugget is older! 

*Disclaimer* I started showing WAY sooner than I thought I would, I feel like I “popped” as soon as I hit 12 weeks. Not surprising when the likely-hood of me having a 9 pound baby is very high! Also, I was full of Olive Garden pasta in the picture! 

12 Weeks! 

Tip to all future moms, if you put your hands around your belly like this it will automatically name you look 3x bigger than you really are!
Maternity clothes? I don’t really NEED them, but the shirts are so comfortable so I wear them a lot! 

Stretch marks? Nope!

Sleep: I sleep pretty good for the most part. Every once in a while I feel like I can’t get comfortable for some reason. 

Best moment this week: Getting to be out and about in public and our baby news was public too!

Miss anything? Lunch meat. I know that some women eat it when pregnant but I am trying to stay clear of it. I just want a turkey sandwich so bad!

Food cravings: Uncrustables, orange juice

Anything making you queasy or sick? Eggs, particularly the smell.

Gender: I really have no clue. We aren’t finding out so I will be clueless until delivery! 

Symptoms: Off and on mild nausea, exhaustion (which is just starting to fade!), extreme bloating some days

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy! I am not a moody person normally so hopefully that won’t startnduring pregnancy. 

Looking forward to: Having this squishy “did she just eat too much?” bump turn into a real baby bump.

Hows Dad doing? He takes such good care of me! He calls me a “vessel” haha! 

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