Remembering the Good

It is so easy to focus on bad things because they are usually more prevalent in your mind.  If you were to receive three compliments and one insult in a day, most likely (if you’re like me) you will remember the insult for longer. It’s sad that we are like that, and it can be a hard habit to crack! I look back on 2014 as sort of a really bad year. As I wrote my look back post, I noticed that there was actually a lot of good along with the hard times! I just didn’t remember them or take time to focus on the good.

So for 2015, I want to focus more on the good things. Maybe some BIG good things will happen and I want to acknowledge those moments for what they are, but I also want to recognize the small ordinary good!

I have seen this pin on Pinterest many times and I have been waiting for 2015 to roll around to start!

What a great way to document the good things that happen in a year, and not only to document but to sort of force you to focus on those positive, great moments.

I am not super crafty so I went the easy route and actually am using an old kitchen canister. I just got some new ones for the kitchen and had these laying around. Not super cute, but it works perfectly!

I already have two “moments” in the jar and it’s only day two of this new year! I hope this will cause me to be more grateful and thankful for the blessings God has given me and my family!

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