2014 ~ A Look Back

January 2014
After spending the New Years with my family in Texas (my brother’s family lives there) we made a pit-stop in Arkansas to pick up a new furry friend! Kira joined our family on January second and as cheesy as it is to say, she has added so much to our lives. She is such a great dog and incredibly loving!
Mr. Smith left his job at the newspaper and started at his old job again. Read more about it here

February 2014
February was pretty uneventful. Mr. Smith celebrated turning 24 and I wrote a post about a new season of life we entered. 
March 2014
Another month of laying low and working hard. Nothing too eventful or exciting, just ordinary life. But sometimes that is the best kind! 

April 2014
I didn’t post one single time in April so to be honest I don’t remember much of what happened. Except that I got my dream teaching job at my dream school (who could forget that?) That’s why I love blogging! If I hadn’t blogged all year I wouldn’t have remembered half of the things that happened. But there is also something sweet about thinking that the month of April is something just Mr. Smith and I can share!
May 2014
I wrapped up an 8 week maternity leave position and began regular subbing at the same school. I was so excited about my new position as a fourth grade teacher that I jumped right in to classroom projects! The weather was amazing and we spent lots of time outside! At the end of the month Mr. Smith and I celebrated out two-year anniversary with a weekend trip to St. Louis! I love that man so stinkin’ much. Seriously, he’s my favorite!

June 2014
Early in the month of June Mr. Smith and I headed to a small nearby town for a color run that my sister and her husband put on. My best friend and her man joined us and then straight after we headed to a wedding. Mid-June I worked two-weeks teaching Kindergarten at summer school. It was a crazy, busy month!

July 2014
July was a whirlwind! So much happened but it was so much fun.  We joined Mr. Smith’s family on a weeklong beach vacation in South Carolina! I did some more classroom crafting and my friends and their pups visited for a BYOD (Bring Your Own Dog party! 

August 2014
August arriving meant that my first year of teaching was quickly approaching. I spent about two weeks getting my classroom all set-up for 20 precious fourth graders! And then by mid August we were off with a bang! I LOVE teaching fourth grade! 

September 2014
September 1st I turned 24 and celebrated quietly with Mr. Smith (that’s the best way in my opinion)! September also brought my first full month of teaching, things go by quickly when you are having fun and are constantly running around! I wrote about needing some “me-time”
October 2014
An exciting month and incredibly busy. No blogging happened so I head to instagram to show some snapshots from the month. 

November was really hard for multiple reasons. But is also brought some good, like Thanksgiving crafts, spending time with family and scoring some Black Friday deals without ever leaving the house! Our church opened a new campus in the town I work and we got knee-deep in the launch. Mr. Smith is program director and I am children’s coordinator. Lots of work, but all for God!

December 2014
A month of healing and happiness. We decorated for Christmas and then took it down two weeks later cause Theo kept climbing and ruining the tree. Celebrated Jesus’ birthday with both sides and I had a week off at home to relax and catch-up on things like laundry and cleaning (read: drinking coffee and netflix) Something else exciting happened too, that I will share later! Kansas Christmas photos here

To be honest we look back at this year as really hard, but as I write this I see that it also held so many good, sweet times in our little family. Even so, I welcome 2015 with open arms and I just have a feeling it is going to be the best year yet! 

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