I am a Kansas girl born and raised.

I now live in Southeast Missouri and Mr. Smith (as I will now be calling him) have settled here.

Missouri is a really beautiful state, the area we live in is gorgeous in the Fall and also has so much to offer when it comes to hiking trails, conservation parks and other gorgeous outdoorsy things.

Case and point:

Gorgeous right?

I love Missouri and this will probably be where we will raise our kids and most likely spend our life. But whenever I tell people I am from Kansas I get the same response… “Oh I’m sure Kansas is nice , but I drove through it once and it was terrible… so boring”

Of course my response is always kind but in my mind I am thinking…

You idiot.
You know absolutely nothing.
There is nothing like a Kansas sunset or a Kansas dirt road.
Or a field full of sunflowers in the summer.
Or a fully-grown wheat field.

I love Missouri and it has so much God-made beauty to offer, but it just doesn’t compare to my Kansas! At least not yet…

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