Monday Mingle

If I had $100 to blow I would most definitely spend it on clothes! I am such a cheapskate when it comes to buying clothes for myself. I can very easily find things I like but it hurts me to spend $20 on a shirt (I know, that’s ridiculous) so I usually don’t buy things because I feel guilty. But if I had $100 to “blow” I would head straight to the mall and not feel one bit guilty!

I would spend it on items like these below. I like flowy tops and dresses!

Love by taviar featuring a green sweater

Mingle 240

5 thoughts on “Monday Mingle

  1. Ashley Hunter says:

    I love all of those clothes especially the tops. I adore clothes and hair products. Fabulous!! I found you through the Monday Mingle. Your wedding–by the way was beautiful! Awesome. 🙂


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