Oh Hey, Friday!

5 Things I Loved About This Week!
1. Not Being Pasty White
I am a very pale person, always have been. But I just returned from a week-long beach vacation and I am TAN! It is wonderful and may never happen again! 
2. Classroom Crafting
Sadly I cannot get into my classroom yet because of cleaning and waxing the floors. So I have been doing a ton of work at home. It’s so fun to imagine when I can finally get in and get everything ready for my students! 
3. Pooch Time
I am admittedly one of those people obsessed with my dog. (The Hubs is too, just minus the admittedly part) Since I don’t work in the Summer I love all the time I get to spend at home with Kira! She’s just so precious and cuddly! 
4. BYOD Party
My two best girlfriends came over and brought their dogs and we have a Bring Your Own Dog Party! Is there any better kind of party???
5. Reading
Having so much more time to read lately and this book is so good! Highly recommend any book by Tamera Alexander! 
I am meeting my brother (who lives in Texas) and my sister for breakfast this morning as he passes through for a work trip! Going to be so much fun!

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