Career Goals Update

I posted this post a while back about the goals I have for 2014, I want to keep updating it so that I can hold myself accountable and see the progress I have made. 

This time my update is about some career goals I made. I am excited to say that I accomplished two of them already!

Be a teacher in my dream school district.
Eeeeeek! This is by far the most exciting accomplishment so far! In August of 2013 I began my last semester of school student teaching for 16 weeks. I was placed at a school I knew very little about and was in a dinky town about 30 miles away. I was not particularly excited about being placed at this school but I put my best foot forward. Long story short, I fell in love with this school, the children in it and the teachers I worked with. It only took a couple weeks before I decided that was the school I wanted to be working at after I graduated. Since I graduated in December there were no openings at the time. Instead I got to do an 8 week maternity leave position in a first grade classroom and then regular subbing the rest of the time. During my time there some jobs came open and I got myself an interview. I was the first person to interview since I was working there at the time and I had to wait an entire month before I found out my fate. It. Was. Terrible. I wanted the job so bad I could taste it and it was killing met to wait. Finally late on a Tuesday night I got a call and I was offered a position! My dream has come true, I start working in an amazing district with the absolute best students and co-workers! Fourth grade here I come! 

{Crafting for my new classroom}

Collect 50 books for my classroom library.
I did a short maternity leave in another school and the classroom I took over had the most amazing class library. Hundreds of books organized by genre and labeled to perfection. I have always loved reading and encouraging students to read so that library became my new goal! I didn’t know for sure what grade I was teaching so I help off on getting any books. Then once I found out I went to Scholastic warehouse sales, used book stores and even got some awesome donations from friends and family! I am proud to say that I actually have close to 200 books for my class library now! 

{Brand-new books I got from a warehouse sale}

Check my 2014 Goals post to see updates and all my other goals!

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