Kitchen Tour

When I look at houses and dream about when we buy our own, my favorite room to look at is always the kitchen! I spend a lot of time in the kitchen because I love to cook (and I love to eat). So I want it to be a bright and sunny space that is cute but also functional! I will admit, the kitchen at this house has many shortcomings… very little cabinet space, old cabinets with doors that don’t stay shut, a stove older than my great grandparents, and a few chips off the counter top (luckily most I could hide). That being said, I still really love it! I love how the window lets in lots of sunlight, and the big doors go straight out to the patio. I also love the flooring and of course my red and yellow color scheme!

So even though it has its imperfections, I really love my little kitchen!

 * you will notice that we let our cats on the table. Am I proud of it? No. Is it reality? Yes. And I try to be real around here!

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