Observations About My Life Right Now

I am at the point in life, where before I can even get all the laundry completed there is as much as I started with already in the hamper again. There are only two of us. 
Some nights I literally would rather barf than cook dinner. On those nights… pizza or take-out it is! No shame!
I have officially reached the point of obsession with Kira. She is growing and maturing so much right now! She is fully housebroken, chewing less and less and has really begun to show that she loves us! I love being a puppy-mom!
In last couple of months The Hubs and I have gotten literally about 6 credit card offers in the mail each week. We only have one credit card but that’s enough for us! I like to think they just want us cause we have such a good credit score! Regardless, it’s A-N-N-O-Y-I-N-G!
I used to have a complex where I couldn’t leave dishes in the sink for longer than a few hours without it bothering me. Now, I can go days and don’t even think twice about it. Uh-oh!
I have officially begun what I am naming “The Interview” stage of my life. Had my first interview for a teaching position Monday! Hopefully more to come! Yikes!
I have begun making side dishes for meals. I used to be a killer main dish maker and would just throw some fruit in a bowl or some bread a butter. The other night, I made mashed potatoes and cooked fresh green beans to go with our BBQ chicken. 
Bills. I used to notice their presence on the fridge and let their existence haunt me. Now, I am so used to having to pay them each month that it’s almost like they are family members. Only goes down from here :s
In conclusion, I am becoming an old, career-working married woman. And guess what? I LOVE IT!!!

2 thoughts on “Observations About My Life Right Now

  1. Jenica Raney says:

    About the time we started doing Financial Peace, I'd had enough with the credit card offers. I started ripping them up, placing the shreds in the postage paid return envelope with a note to remove us from their mailing list, and popping those puppies in the mail on their dime. It took about 2 months of this, but no more credit card offers! 🙂


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