Five on Friday

I have had this entire week off for snow. While I don’t love not getting paid, I do love having some time to get laundry done, run errands, clean and hang out with a friend!
Kira has really begun to be so much fun lately! She is housebroken and beginning to play on her own and be super snuggly! She is just the cutest! She also loves the snow
Ordered these for myself and they should be arriving any day now!
Tried a last minute throw-it-together BBQ chicken recipe and it was AMAZING!
Played multiple games of Skip-Bo with The Hubs!
Sunshine snuggles!

One thought on “Five on Friday

  1. Elise @ Cheers Yall says:

    Hey love! Found you thanks to the linkup and so excited to be following along now! Love connecting with other sisters in Christ 🙂 … AND I am a former teacher! I taught for 4 years, but I nanny now. Just wanted to say hello! Hope you're having a happy Friday! Looking forward to reading more! xx


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