Dear Weekend

Dear Weekend,
        I know this might sound a bit forward but, I love you. You are everything that is right with the world. Not only do you provide hot chocolate and new birthday cake candles but you provide warmth and animal snuggles.

You always bring just the right amount of hustle and bustle before the relaxing begins. This time, in the form of time with loved ones, noisy, little loved ones. 
I love how you give me time with the one my heart loves most. It gives us time to reconnect, relax and do our new favorite couples activity… play video games! 

You also were extra kind this time around and gave me the gift of music. Specifically in the form of serenades by The Hubs! Love it!

So weekend, now that you know how I feel I am hoping we can see a bit more of each other. How about Friday night?



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