Goals Update

Haven’t blogged in a while, but not only that… I haven’t even thought about blogging in a while. Guess that’s what happens when you’re busy!

I posted this post a while back about the goals I have for 2014, I want to keep updating it so that I can hold myself accountable and see the progress I have made. 

So here are three things I have already crossed off my list as of the end of January!

Find another couples or women’s small group.
The Hubs and I were in an awesome couples small group for about a year but then The Hubs got his job at the paper and couldn’t go anymore. I kept going but it got really hard to be in a newlywed small group without Collin every week. So I stopped going too. We were so sad to leave the group and really wanted to find another one, but because of Collin’s work schedule it was nearly impossible. Well, when he changed jobs we were able to go back to our old group and we are SO happy!!! 

Make a menu board. 
I broke the menu I had been using since The Hubs and I got married. I shut the fridge door too hard and it fell and shattered the glass. So I was needing to make another one somehow. I planned on doing the same sort of thing as before but then I went to Ikea…

This is what I found for $14.99… yea, you read that right $14.99! I need to work on my writing with chalk and find something cute to put in the bottom slots, but this works for now! 

Organize my blog folders.
Done! It took an hour or so but everything is organized and even has cute icons! So much easier to find things on my computer now!

Check my 2014 Goals post to see updates and all my other goals!

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