One Week

A week from today I will start a crazy exciting journey! Next Monday I will be taking over a first grade classroom for about six weeks while the regular teacher is home with her brand new baby! I got to go in and meet the 15 (if you are a teacher you are jealous of this number) darling students I will be working with and see the school. I am so excited to get to not only have steady employment (something you worry about as a December graduate) but to get to do what I love in one of my favorite grades!

Right after that maternity leave is over I get to go to the district I did my student teaching in and do another first grade maternity leave until the end of the school year! I absolutely love the school and the students I will be working with! I am so incredibly excited for these opportunities that God has put in place! I am a little bit anxious and nervous but I know the minute I walk into those classrooms that will all go away because there is nothing I love more than being in front of a room full of students excited to learn!

Blogging may be very sparse the next couple of weeks (sorry mom!) but after I get in the swing of things I am sure I will pick it back up! Just know that I will be having the time of my life!

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