Meet Kira!

Well, after the tragic death of our two beloved pups in October and 3 months of waiting… we finally have ourselves a new puppy!
Meet Kira

Lots of people have seen the ridiculous number of pictures I have posted of her already and have asked what breed she is. Long story short, we “rescued” her. Not from a shelter but from a family that got her and couldn’t keep her. They have no animal shelter in their town and basically gave her to us for next to nothing. They advertised her as a Miniature Australian Shepherd, but we are pretty sure that isn’t the case. So honestly, we are not sure what in the world she is! We plan on finding out later, but for now we are happy she is cute, sweet, and healthy! 
Being a puppy owner is A LOT of work, but very worth it! She is the sweetest thing and overall has been really good! She wakes up once or twice at the butt-crack of dawn to go potty but then goes back to sleep in her kennel. She is doing great with potty training and is learning to play on her own! Theo and her love to wrestle and play. Melvin doesn’t really care about her, but he is moody anyway 🙂
Now for a ridiculous number of pictures and a video too! 
A woman that The Hubs works with took these first few pictures with her fancy camera and they turned out so good!  

3 thoughts on “Meet Kira!

  1. Deborah Raney says:

    We were looking at pics of Mini Australian Shepherds and saw quite a few that look like her markings and face, but her body does look a little different. Doesn't matter what she is, she's adorable!


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