Looking Back: 2013

Today I review the year of 2013 and all the milestones and even mediocre events it held, month by month.


I started my last semester of classes EVER and started a great morning routine of breakfast and the Bible!
Celebrated Christmas in January with my best girlfriends! 
Favorite January Posts:

Celebrated The Hub’s 23rd birthday with a day date at his favorite mexican restaurant. 
The Hubs and I celebrated our first Valentines Day as a married couple! I sure do love this man!
Favorite February Posts
Celebrated a friends upcoming wedding with a wonderful shower! Love you Ashley!
Enjoyed a quick spring break trip to St. Louis with my bestie CoCo! We stayed in a cheap hotel, ate tons of good food and did lots of shopping! Perfect getaway!
Favorite March Posts

At the beginning of April we moved to a new house. Downsizing was great for our budget and we really love this house and our amazing landlords! But it was confirmed…I still HATE MOVING!
CoCo and I threw a bridal shower for our friend Christine (usually called Crusty). Such a fun afternoon with some really great friends. We also seriously considered starting an event planning business cause we kicked party throwing booty!
Favorite April Posts
Finished school and started my summer job as a nanny for two precious kiddos. 
Bachelorette party in Memphis!!!
I was honored to get to stand up next to one of my best friends on her wedding day! She was absolutely gorgeous and her wedding was perfect!
On the 25th The Hubs and I celebrated our One Year Anniversary! What a great year we had, I love being married to my best friend!
Favorite May Posts:

We headed home in June for a high school friends wedding and a get together with the whole family. It turned out to be the best trip home ever! Tarl, my oldest brother surprised us all, found out I would be getting a new nephew in December and we were all home to celebrate fathers day with the best daddy ever!

Favorite June Posts:

Went to our Cardinals game for the summer. It was incredibly hot but we had a great time and enjoyed all that Busch Stadium has to offer!
We celebrated Melvin’s 5th birthday and his one year anniversary of being ours! We sure do love this big guy!
Favorite July Posts:
A big transition month. Ended my nanny job and began student teaching. 
Favorite August Posts
Celebrated my 23rd birthday on the first and my favorite present was our new puppy Maura!
Got knee-deep in teaching and all that it entails. Absolutely loving every, single minute of it!
Favorite September Posts
Our church did a huge community serve day and The Hubs and I had the chance to help a local Elementary school with their outdoor classroom! 
I got to meet my #1 celebrity crush Ben Affleck! But don’t worry, The Hubs is still #1 in my heart!
Sadly, October also held one of the saddest moments of my life. We lost both of our dogs in a tragic event. Still missing them everyday but also have so many happy memories of them. Read about the event here.
Didn’t blog much in October… oops.
Got ourselves a new little guy so Melvin would have a new friend! Theo is the sweetest and cuddliest little guy and has been such a great addition to our family! 
My new nephew was born a month early and had a few issues that landed him two weeks in Special Care. My sister and I made a short little trip to Texas to help the family out and celebrate Thanksgiving! Got to see the new little one, his big sister, their parents and my parents too!

Favorite November Posts:

I finished up student teaching and I graduated!!!!!

Favorite December Posts:
10 Things I Wish I Were Better At
Christmas Family Photos 

I can’t wait to see what all 2014 holds for our little family. I have a feeling God has some big things in store!!!

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