Linking up for 5 on Friday to share some of the great things from my week! 
1.  6 day weekend! Yep, you read that right. Missouri got pounded with snow and ice and since the school I am teaching at is in a rural community we had 4 snow days. I got lots done, but by the end I was going a bit stir crazy!
 2. Family photos were taken. The Hubs basically hated it the whole time but it had been a REALLY long time since we had taken some nice photos together. Plus it is our first Christmas in this house and that needs to be documented! 
3. With so many snow days I got to sleep in and have quiet mornings drinking coffee, blogging and snuggling with the cats! Speaking of snuggling here are a few adorable snuggly photos from this week! I am so glad to have these little guys, they kept me so warm in the freezing cold temps!

4. The blog got a new look and I am loving it! This is the fourth time I have redone the blog. I do it all on my own and it takes hours of work and googling how to do things, but it is really satisfying to see the end product!

5. There is no laundry in this house right now because with all my days off I just did laundry over and over and over. Feels good to be caught up, but also sad that this is a highlight of my week 😉

2 thoughts on “Five.

  1. Elise @ Cheers Yall says:

    Found your precious bloggity blog on the linkup! You are such a doll!!! I taught for 4 years and am taking a little break now. Kindergarten has my heart! 😉

    Hope you had a lovely weekend, beautiful! Love the pic of you and the hubs by the tree — oh so merry!



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