10 Things I Wish I Were Better At

1. Crafting. I see so many cute DIY projects I want to do on Pinterest and my sister is always doing some awesome craft project. I just really am not that crafty, and really a lot of it is that I don’t have the patience either. The few times I have truly crafted something, I wanted instant gratification and rushed through it and ended up with a mediocre finished product. Maybe my summers off as a teacher will get me inspired… oh and the paycheck that will buy me the craft supplies!
2. Sending thank you notes. I am TERRIBLE at this. It’s not that I am not thankful, or grateful for things I am given or things people do. I am just forgetful and honestly, sometimes lazy. I am not someone who has stamps at all times so I don’t ever want to run to the post office. I also do not have people’s addresses stored in my computer or in a book. So basically I would have to ask anyone for their address if I wanted to send them a card. Maybe I should add to the list “Organizing friends and families addresses.”
3. Running. I hate running and even the idea of running. But, I see all these women my age who are so into running and they have rockin’ bods. They wear cute running clothes and get new running shoes all the time and not to mention… they actually ENJOY it. It is an escape for them and they look forward to waking up at the butt-crack of dawn to run. Sounds crazy and terrible to me, but I wish it sounded good and was something I desired to do. 
4. Handwriting. I have terrible handwriting for a girl and always have had bad handwriting. Many times when I am in a hurry and write something on the board for my students I step back and look at it and it looks like one of my students wrote it. Also, it really bothers me when I write a note to one of my student’s parents and it looks like a high schooler wrote it, not a professional teacher. And I even try extra hard on those notes. 
5. Keeping in contact with friends and family that are far away. I live 45 minutes away from my sister and that is the closest I am to any family. An hour and a half from The Hub’s family and over 8 hours from everyone else. So, it’s not like we can just pop on over and visit very often. Because of the distance I know it is important for me to keep in touch but I am very bad at it. This blog is one way I can keep people updated but not all my grandparents have internet and I really need to work harder to keep in contact with them. I even have friends who live in the same town as me and I am not great at keeping in touch. Not cool, not cool at all. 
6. Taking pictures. Now I take a million pictures of the cats on a regular basis but I always forget to take pictures when we go to events or have friends over. I have a nice camera that The Hubs bought me for my birthday and my iPhone takes great pictures, but still I forget and am always mad when I do!
7. Doing my hair. I have always been told by hairdressers that I have great hair. Not too thick, not too thin, holds style pretty well. But the only things I know how to do with it are put it down and put it in a ponytail. I would love to learn to do some nice simply styles but alas, I cannot. Partly because I don’t care enough and partly because I don’t have the skills! 
8. Writing. I love to write (hence the blog) but I know I am not that great at it. I wish I could convey my thoughts more clearly or eloquently and I wish I could write more cleverly. Hopefully all the writing I do here will help me to become better. Or maybe my mom could give me some pointers! 
9. Doing my make-up. This goes along with hair, I love to watch youtube beauty videos and reading beauty blogs and many times I will buy the cheap products they suggest. But no matter how much I follow the tutorials I just can’t make my face look as flawless. Again, partly because I don’t care enough and partly because I lack the skills. 
10. Reading the Bible. This should have been number one on the list (even though they are in no particular order). I am terrible at reading my Bible, I go through times where I do a great job and read consistently for a month. Then BAM I stop cold turkey and don’t read it at all for a month. I am very good about being conscious about God and his work in my life, and giving him the praise he deserves. However, I am very bad about spending quiet time with him and getting in His word. That will have to REALLY be improved on.  

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