Love Notes in the Bathroom

The Hubs and I have completely opposite work schedules, so the time we see each other is very limited. Because of that, I think it is extra important that we try to keep in communication as much as possible. We leave little notes on the fridge whiteboard, but those are mostly about things around the house or our schedules. We text throughout the day and many times I call him and we talk on my drive home from work. Still, it seems like we don’t get to talk enough or tell each other how much we love the other. So I decided to make a love notes message frame to leave sweet notes to each other on.  
Inspired from this pin on Pinterest, I made my own version and placed it on our bathroom counter (a place we both go during the day). I used a frame: $1.99 
butcher paper: free
heart accessory: $1.25
For a teeny-tiny total of $3.24! 
 It has been so fun to both write and to receive little notes from The Hubs throughout the week. It is just another fun way to stay connected and remind each other of our love throughout our busy weeks! 
I encourage all couples to do something like this, even if you see each other every day!

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