Some Things Happening Lately… Worth Mentioning

Since I haven’t blogged in a while I have a few pictures to share or interesting things that have happened lately in The Smith world!

Maybe the coolest of them all is that I got to meet my celebrity crush… Ben Affleck! He was in my town for about two months filming the movie Gone Girl and after stalking him for quite a few nights, my friend Courtney and I finally got to meet him and get a picture! He is so nice and even more handsome in person!

I over soaped our dishwasher, which I have never done before. And this picture was taken after I sopped up the huge puddle of water and suds that was ALL over the kitchen. Oops!

I decided to try some new recipes and actually use the recipe books we got for our wedding! I will post some of the good ones I find! Of course the cats were there to help!

Got to spend some time with The Hubs’ family to celebrate our nieces 2nd birthday! Here we are getting our feet massaged! Only the best treatment for the birthday girl!

My parents handed down some of their furniture to us and we got our hands on this awesome shelf! It is now a part of our coffee bar area and I absolutely love how it turned out!

Just a couple of “exciting” things that have happened recently that I wanted to share! Have a happy hump day!

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