Weekend Happenings

I enjoyed a very relaxing weekend with no plans! Here is a short recap!

I first have to mention that Thursday evening I rushed home from work since it was The Hubs’ day off. I walked in and he had deep cleaned the entire house and was almost finished with the laundry! I mean talk about sexy! We had a $10 off coupon for Red Lobster and enjoyed a delicious meal, their Talapia is to die for! Then we went grocery shopping together, which is one of our favorite things to do! What a fun evening!

Friday night The Hubs and I went and got our favorite Chinese food (China Wok) and rented the movie Now You See Me. Both were good and we had a nice date night in! We watched our movie while we ate so it ended around 7:30. I go to bed around 9:00 every night since I get up so early, and Collin goes to bed around 2:00am because he gets off work at midnight. He wanted to “spend more time with me” so he bet me I couldn’t stay up past 10:00. This might not sound that hard but I pretty much shut down completely at 9:30 and CAN’T go on. If I won however, The Hubs said he would do all he laundry next week. He had no idea what I would do to get out of laundry… I made it to 11:00!!!!

Saturday I was laying in bed when I got a call from my brother. His wife was due with baby number 2 December 15th but Jaxon Parker Raney decided to come a month early. He is doing great, has to stay in the NICU for a while to be monitored but should be going home tomorrow or Wednesday! I already love the little man and can’t wait to meet him when we spend Christmas in Texas! P.S. this makes niece/nephew #6! I am one lucky Aunt! P.P.S. I would be lying if I said this didn’t make baby fever kick in a little!

Saturday The Hubs had to work all day so I literally laid around the house all day! It was great! I snapped a few pictures of our precious new addition throughout the day! He is such a great addition to our house, he and big brother Melvin are even beginning to like each other!

Sunday The Hubs and I woke up and had a nice quiet morning together. We had coffee and relaxed (we missed our church service oops). We then made calzones, caesar salad and breadsticks for lunch and then took a nap! Also captured a few more precious pics of Mr. Theo! (yes, I am that person, just wait until we have a precious puppy!)

Being the homebody that I am, I love weekends where I can just lay around and relax. This weekend was just what the doctor ordered! Now onto a week of school including my first field trip with my class! Can’t wait to tell you about that! 😉

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