A Thank You and an Introduction

Wow. That is about all I can say about all the kind words I received from people about yesterday’s post. Texts, e-mails and comments that really made me feel loved and cared for. Let me stress again that Collin and I truly are doing great. It has been almost a month ago that it all happened and every day has gotten easier. Prayer, family and friends were a huge part of that! Thank you all so much!


Meet Theo!

A very rare moment where he is laying down and not running wild around the house. 

We got him Sunday and are already in love. I will say though, I forgot how much energy a kitten has. He literally never stops moving and plays with everything. My favorite things that have become toys so far are:
a door
a leaf
the remote
his collar
my shirt
my pants
my shoe
and sometimes… absolutely nothing.

He loves to lick our faces, nibble on our ears and nuzzle our necks. He also loves to pester his big brother Melvin who is not such a fan of him yet.

We love that now having two cats in the house it is a lot more lively! I am also aware that I am lucky I am married or I would be getting really close to being a “crazy cat lady”. 😉

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