Teaching Second Grade

Since the Summer before my senior year of high school I have known I wanted to teach Elementary school. I always thought Kindergarten because I loved the younger kids, but after spending some time in a Kindergarten classroom I sort of changed my mind. Not saying I would never take Kindergarten, just that it wouldn’t necessarily be my first choice anymore. 
This year for student teaching I have second grade and I can officially say that is my new favorite age! I absolutely love the concepts I get to teach and that I can still do cute crafts with the kids and they enjoy them! I love that they are learning about all the different parts of speech; nouns, adjectives, verbs, homophones and so on. They are stating to learn new strategies for addition and subtraction and eventually will work with multiplication and division. I love that they are still so curious about the world around them and they are still so young and innocent. They have a desire to please their teacher and they want to have fun! I just absolutely love second grade and pray that someday I get my own class of second graders! 
So exciting that I get to spend 11 more weeks in my favorite grade! 

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