Week/Weekend Happenings

First off, I cannot believe that it is already the last day of September! I am over 1/4 of the way done with Student Teaching and that much closer to graduating! So. Crazy.

I had a wonderful week at school and an even better weekend! Thank God for blessings like that in such a busy season of life! 

Here is a look at some of my week/weekend through pictures!

I was super productive this week and got all of my lesson plans for the next week planned and all copies made too! I have taken over Math, Spelling, Reading and English so I have lots to plan each week! I even got Math and Reading planned through Wednesday of the NEXT week too! 

Maura is really starting to find her place in the family! We have had her almost a whole month and she is doing great! Her and Mavis and Melvin get along great and she is beginning to “understand” this little family we have created! Still working on the potty training but she has been accident free for days now! 

When I said I was productive I wasn’t lying! My desk has been an absolute mess, covered in papers to grade, copy, permission forms and other random things. I got it all cleaned off and taken care of and it feels great!

Only downside of my week was not seeing this guy for 4 days straight. Sure we slept in the same bed every night but I was dead to the world when he got home and he was dead to the world when I woke up. Finally Friday night we got to spend some time together just the two of us! 

Saturday we got to spend all day together! I work him up at 7:30, which he wasn’t so happy about. For me that was sleeping in 2 hours, for him it was waking up 2 hours early! But he pepped up and we got going! Started off with a trip to Starbucks for PSL’s and breakfast for FREE (thanks Momma!). Then we walked downtown for a while and next we went on a gorgeous bike ride! So much fun, we both said we need to do that more often this Fall!

Finally got the house all ready for Fall! The Hub’s parents bough us some pumpkins, a gourd and the corn on the door! 

Tried out a new recipe: Pasta Con Broccoli. It was really good and so stinkin’ easy, it will be added to our list for sure! 

The pups got a lot of action this week too! A couple walks and a few trips to the cemetery to run and play. They love to chase each other and then wrestle, so cute! 

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