Teacher Outfits

I am linking up again for Teacher Talk and today they are talking about teacher outfits!

I have never done an outfit post for many reasons.
1. I am not that fashionable
2. I do not shop at fancy places at all, ever!
3. I don’t like taking pictures of myself for the purpose of everyone looking at me. 
But alas, I wanted to link up so I took some pictures of a couple outfits I have worn in the past few weeks of student teaching. I like to be comfortable and look put together at the same time, so here are my attempts 🙂
Coffee cup in hand to try and make me look less awkward…
<> Hand-me-down
<> Old Navy
<> Forever 21
<> K-Mart (see what I mean about not fancy)

See, no coffee cup = awkward
<> Gap Outlet
<> Target
<> Rue 21
<> Target
<> Charming Charlie

Hands on hips helps too… right?
<> Kohls
<> Target
<> Target

Well, there you have it! My first (and probably last) outfit post! Sort of fun actually, but I still don’t think it will become a regular!

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