Let me be the first to tell you that teaching is hard and takes a lot of time! But gosh do I love it and feel confident doing it! I thought I would be able to keep up with the blog and teaching at least for a little while, but I have such a great co-teacher! I have already taken over the planning and teaching of Math, Reading, Spelling and Language! So I am busy! All but 2 subjects are my 100 percent responsibility, this means lots of time spent after the kiddos leave and lots of extra hours at home and on the weekends! I still love this little blog but it is at the bottom of my list right now.

Keep checking back if you like to read my posts because I will still post occasionally, just not daily like I used to! Also, look forward to lots more teacher posts!

For today, I have a little update on the previous week!

Got a sweet note from my co-teacher in the middle of my lesson one day! She is so encouraging and makes me feel so confident in my teaching abilities! 


Took the pups on a walk almost every evening since the weather has been so nice! 
Got to spend some time with my nephews at their Dad’s teams cross country meet. They found a giant dirt hill and spent all their time playing on it!
Got to spend some precious time with my handsome husband! So lucky to have him in my life!

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