Mixed Emotions

Reasons why yesterday was both one of the best and one of the worst days ever.

Worst – woke up with a terrible migraine, I was having trouble keeping my eyes open they ached so bad. I hardly ever get migraines or even headaches for that matter and this one was BAD!

Best – I think I finally pulled off a pair of Toms shoes!

Worst – I took out the new, still-potty-training-dog TWICE and after bringing her in and pouring coffee into my cup I start to smell poop. I smell it strongly in the living room but can’t find it anywhere on the floor. I turn on the light and there is a shining pile of doo-doo laying all curled up on my gorgeous blue throw pillow. I could have killed her… LITERALLY!

Best – I got to be the “sub” for an hour and and a half in my class. For a student teacher that is like pure gold!

Worst – After the migraine and the poo-poo platter I then promptly (while blowing out the candle I lit to make the poo smell go away) spilt blazing hot coffee all over my hand. OUCH!

Best – As I was explaining to the students where their teacher was, they asked “are you our teacher now?” When I answered yes they all cheered and one little girl came up and hugged me and said “you are the best student teacher ever!” Melts my heart!

Worst – It was laundry day…

Best – I taught a fairly complicated Math lesson and my students understood it so well. I was so proud of their second grade minds!

Worst – Homework… blech!

Best – I danced in front of my students to demonstrate an action verb and they all laughed. And not because I was so bad, but because they thought I was trying to be funny! Now if that were a room full of adults they would have been laughing for another reason!

I think God likes to throw in those not so great moments in life so you can really soak in and appreciate the good ones even more! What an incredibly smart guy that God is…

While I was going through my wave of emotions The Hubs sent me these pictures of some GREAT things that were going on at our house!

First bloom of the zinnias I planted! 

Our pups are starting to not only get used to each other but actually like one another!

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