If I Could Write A Letter To Me

Brad Paisley wrote a popular country song called “Letter To Me” that talks about all the things he would tell his seventeen year old self. It is amazing how I was seventeen only a short five years ago, but I already feel so much older and wiser. When I was in High School I thought that was the biggest deal of my life and that I was pretty hot stuff. Well, that all changed and I have grown so much since that time. Here are some things I would tell my seventeen year old self.

(have fun looking at dorky pictures of me from high school)

-You are not that cool, seriously get over yourself!

-Keep going to the gym with your Dad because having him work with you is the reason you are so successful in basketball.

– Respect your parents! For the most part you did, but sometimes you were a straight up brat. You didn’t always understand their rules, but trust me they know what they are doing and you will want to do the same with your children.

-Make sure and stick to your morals and values, you are doing pretty good.

– You might feel slightly left-out when you don’t party like lots of your friends. But trust me, it is not going to hurt you one bit to hang out with your parents instead of getting drunk. You will thank yourself later!

-Don’t date anyone, High School will be so much more fun if you don’t deal with guys at all.

-However, the guys you do date are not going to matter to you in a few years so don’t get worked up over the breakups. A much better man is waiting for you!

-The night before your first Variety Show practice, make sure you set your alarm for 7:20AM and not 7:20PM. Yea, you had a little trouble catching up to that choreography. 

– You thought you loved Jesus then, wait until you get to college!

– Do not, I repeat, DO NOT tell your parents you are gong to one movie and then go see an R rated one instead. They will find out, and they will be disappointed in you, which is worse than being grounded.

-Be sure to be intentional with your friends.  A lot of the friends you spend your time with, you will never talk to again. Make sure to keep in touch with the ones who were really true friends to you.

-Quit comparing yourself to so many other people and worrying about being “popular.” Whether it is in sports, looks, friends, boyfriends, you are basically going to be a nobody when you get to college and that’s okay! 

– Don’t cry when you find out you can’t go to the school you planned on because God is working is magic and he has an amazing plan up his sleeve! (Enter; living by sister and nephews, making amazing friends, falling in love with Jesus, and meeting the most amazing man that ever lived… THE HUBS!)

So as you can see, had I had this letter at seventeen I could have saved myself some trouble and heartache. I did however learn a lot from the mistakes I made and those mistakes couldn’t have possibly lead me to a better place!

3 thoughts on “If I Could Write A Letter To Me

  1. Courtney Walsh says:

    Oh, Tavia, I love this!! I'm going to show it to my daughter in hopes that she will gain wisdom from it… somehow I think she might hear it from a pretty, cool 22 year old chick rather than her boring old mom!

    Also, your prom dress is to. die. for!!!! 🙂


  2. Tobi says:

    Ditto the crying! I'm so happy for you–God's taken (and is taking) you right where he wants you! And it's fun to watch you on your path (especially since the path intersected with mine!)


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