Listen Up Because…

…it’s about to get real up in here.
The Hubs and I been struggling with some stuff lately and I want to talk about it. I wrote a while about about how our life is at a point where we have some decisions to make and each one is a big deal. Take a job? Have kids? Buy a house? Well all of these things are in our nearish future and are exciting to think about. However, some of these things also cause us to think about what is the best timing to take those big steps. As we talk through each decision we always end up landing on money. Yuck! Now I have written before about how we are by no means rich. We are doing well for our situation (Hubs new to the salary world and me still a student) and age. We have a pretty good savings, we get our bills paid on time, only have one small college loan to pay off, both have been able to have steady jobs when needed and we always have some extra money left over for spending. However, that doesn’t mean we haven’t gotten help from our parents at times and that sometimes we have to wait to get groceries until pay day. And there are so many times when we talk about when to start a family or buy a house and we feel like we have to plan all of it around finances. Sometimes when we think about the expenses a child and being homeowners would bring, we literally think “we will never have kids and new own a home.” How do people do it? We have been very down about it all lately because we thought we had the perfect timeline for some of those things worked out and it came to light that it would not be working out that way. Things have been tough, we have been down in the dumps.
Now, read back through that paragraph. Did you hear me mention God anywhere? Nope, cause I didn’t. And you know what, we haven’t thought about him enough either. Yes, we have prayed about our situation and taken God’s plan into consideration but we have not let go of it all and put it in his hands. We are still holding on to it ourselves and trying to work it all out on our own. In the process we have become callous and ungrateful for what we have. We find ourselves looking at all that we don’t have and what it keeps us from getting. When instead, we should be looking at all of the wonderful things we have been blessed with. Because let me tell you, we are blessed beyond measure! We decided that what we need to do is let it go and just place all our worries, fears, and decisions in God’s hands. He knows what to do with them, He has a plan. A better plan then ours. A perfect plan. We need to work on being content where we are, instead of always searching for more. 

When the time comes, we will get to take those next big steps and they will be on God’s perfect time. In the mean time I will pray this verse over and over…

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11

3 thoughts on “Listen Up Because…

  1. Laurel says:

    Amen! My hubby and I have those same talks, and they always seem to end up with us talking about how little money we have, though we are totally blessed to be able to pay our bills on time, etc. I'm definitely taking this verse to heart and trying to rely on God more- I'll be praying for y'all that you can do the same!!


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