Seven Days

One week from today I begin my last semester of college… EVER!


So crazy to think that it has been four years already and boy have those years gone fast. I have worked my booty off the last four years and it has all lead to this! This semester is a little different because I don’t have any classes. I will be student teaching in a second grade classroom at a small elementary school about 30 minutes away. I am so excited to get to know a whole new classroom of precious children and to finish up on my most sought after dream of being a teacher!

 I write a lot about being a teacher and my love for children because it is one of the things I am most passionate about in life. I have worked so hard to get to where I am and I am determined to be the best teacher I can be. So I sat down the other day and wrote down what my goals are for the semester. I always love making goals before I start things because they hold me accountable and are something I can measure. I have been praying that God will help me to accomplish all these goals by the time I am ready to walk across that stage and get my diploma (eeeeek!). 
Not be so shy. I would call myself initially a shy person, but outgoing once I get to know people well. I am not talking about with the students, I will have no problem with them but with fellow teachers I will. I tend to sit back and not say much unless someone directs conversation towards me. I will be in this school, with the same teachers, five days a week for four months so I want to establish friendships. I will have to really work on this one since my natural instinct is to sit back and observe. 
Work on doing a better job of adding differentiated instruction into my lessons. I am good at recognizing student’s different learning styles but sometimes struggle with how to instruct using all styles to reach each child. This semester I will work hard to make this happen so that I can truly teach each sweet kiddo in my class.
Go the extra mile. My time in this school can sort of be seen as an interview. There are possibilities that a position will open up and if I stood out in this school, I could get the job! So I am going to always be doing more than I need to. Not only to look good, but because the kids in my class deserve my best in every way!
Leave a lasting impression on each child. I am a relational person in my life and the same goes for me in a classroom. I desire to get to know each student individually. Kids are so special and have so much to offer. I want to build a relationship with each student so that when my time there ends, they will still remember me and the things I taught them! 

I am so excited for the adventure in front of me and especially because it is the last step in getting my degree! I can’t wait to see what the next four months hold! 

Now I am going to go enjoy my last week of Summer (oh wait… teachers always get Summers off!)

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