Facts About My Main Squeeze

Let me introduce you to the love of my life. I talk about myself on here a lot and I think it’s time my better half got some of the attention. Here are some facts about my man!
(also just notice I did a post like this a while back. But hey, he deserves 2 posts!)

He is one of those people that everyone likes. I am not joking, I have never met a single person who didn’t just love him. It is one of my favorite things about him!

He eats chips and salsa just about every day. It is his favorite snack in the world.

He plays the guitar and sings very well! Someday, we are going to become Youtube sensations with some killer duets!

He loves Jesus and actively pursues a relationship with Christ. He is the spiritual leader of our household, just like he should be!

He has never met a stranger because he is a MAJOR extrovert.

He tries to impress me with his knowledge of cars. I am not impressed.

He loves to take care of people, especially me. He would do anything for me and drops everything to do it. I have never felt more loved than by him.

He is a phenomenal kisser (not necessary to say but I wanted to brag). Too bad for all of you ladies, cause he is 100 percent off the market!

He gets really stir crazy if he is in the house too long. He loves to be out and about, which clashes with my major homebody tendencies.

He is going to make the best dad in the world someday! I can’t wait to see him with our future children.

He doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth at all. He would prefer chips or popcorn over cookies or candy any day. However, he can’t pass up ice cream cause he is obsessed.

He loves to dance. He is literally the center of attention on any dance floor. He is one of those people who isn’t an incredible dancer but because he has absolutely no inhibitions while dancing, everyone thinks he is great.

    He really is just an incredible man. If I had to pick a word to describe him that encompasses a lot of his qualities I would choose “charming”. He just brightens a room and draws people in. I am so glad I saw him up on stage drawing names for a raffle 4 years ago. I may not have won that t.v. but I got the better prize 🙂

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