Fun Filled Weekend!

This weekend was almost perfect! It didn’t go by too fast and it was full of fun! I am so glad to have had a good weekend since I only have two weeks of Summer left!

Friday night The Hubs and I went on a date to the local Hibachi restaurant. We don’t go there too often because it is incredibly expensive, but The Hubs got a $50 gift card for being employee of the month! Our food was delicious and after eating we headed off to rent a movie and relaxed at home!

Saturday The Hubs and I slept in, went on a walk, ran some errands and then waited for some of our favorite children to arrive!

These guys!

It was my sister and her husbands’s 12th anniversary, so we kept the kiddos overnight so they could celebrate KID FREE! They arrived with the kids and I was excited, but I was almost just as excited to get a carton of eggs from their chicken’s butts!

The Hubs had to work 3-midnight so the boys and I enjoyed a night together!

Don’t worry, I didn’t let them watch movies, play Wii and eat sugar all night… oh wait I did! But we also read books, played legos and danced! They went to sleep easily and then woke us up at the butt-crack of dawn! We made them a breakfast of bacon, eggs and pumpkin bread then got them all ready for church. Before mom and dad came to pick them up, they colored some anniversary cards for them!

I loved having these sweet boys stay with me! Made the perfect ending to my week!

3 thoughts on “Fun Filled Weekend!

  1. Tobi says:

    She sure did! Most amazing babysitter ever! I love the first picture of the boys on your doorstep. Max is probably trying to get out of the picture, Reed's “eyes hurt from the sun” and Calvin is making one of his typical squirrelly faces. Glad they don't only mess up MY pictures!


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