So You Want To Blog?

I read blogs for about a year before I decided to start my own. I wanted to start one about three days after I discovered the blog world. Blogging in general is just fun, you get a cute little space on the internet that is yours to do with as you please. The possibilities really are endless. You can have any kind of blog you want and it’s a great creative outlet. I worried a little bit when I started about what people would think and if I would find enough things to say. Well I have only heard compliments about my blog and sure I have times where I struggle with ideas but usually I have no problem thinking of something to write about. 
If you have been thinking about starting a blog… do it! If you still need some convincing read my list below!
You might be a great blogger if…
… you love to write. Any form of writing really. Stories, poetry, lists, humorous, the sky is the limit!
… you like to take pictures. Most people steer away from blog posts that are all words, but love a post with lots of pictures. It can really livin’ up a blog and it’s a fun way to share your pictures.
… if you have something to say. A blog is a great place to talk about your expertise or share your feelings. You can share, vent, open up, mull and any other word that fits in with those.
… if you love to read blogs. If you enjoy reading blogs and do so often, chances are you would be great at having your own. You already know what people like to read and even if your life isn’t super exciting there is always stuff to write about. 
… if you have family that lives far away. Having a blog is a great way to keep family up to date on your life. You can post pictures of your latest events and write down funny stories that happened to you. My family loves my blog and that it keeps them in on our family’s happenings. 
… if you like to reminisce. I love that I can go back on this blog and read previous posts. Instead of having to recall a funny story of time in my life I can simply read what I wrote about it. It is a great way to document your life! 
… if you have ever thought about it. If you have dreamed about it or entertained the thought of starting your own blog… then do it! It takes only a few clicks of a button to get started and it is well worth it!

So start blogging people! I have often said that I wish all my friends had blogs because they are way more fun than Facebook! 

One thought on “So You Want To Blog?

  1. Shannon Johnson says:

    Those are all great reasons and very true! My family isn't anywhere near us so they love reading what's going on on my blog. I also love writing and always have. Blogging is a new love…



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