My 5 Boys

Let’s talk about music for a minute.
I love music, always have. I sing pretty much constantly. At home, in the car, at work just about anywhere. I also feel like I always have to have background noise and if a T.V. isn’t in the cards I am always playing some sort of music. I love how different songs can transport you to a certain time in your life or a particular event. I love how you can just immediately feel good when a favorite song comes on, it really can change your whole day. 
I have a playlist on my iPod that is titled My 5 Boys (sorry Hubs, though you have a great voice you didn’t make the cut). I have 5 artists whose music is my absolute favorite and I am always in the mood to listen to. They all happen to be men and sing very similar styles of music. Some of them are well known and played on the radio, while others have not “hit the big time” quite yet. Let me introduce you to my 5 boys and I hope that you will give them a listen and enjoy them as much as I do!
These are in a particular order 😉

Ben Rector
This man has one of the most amazing and unique voices I have ever heard. I have seen him in concert twice (almost 3 times but last minute I couldn’t go) and he puts on an incredible show. I have every single one of his albums and could sing you each song by memory (melody and my own harmony 😉 I love how his music is uplifting and clean. You won’t hear a bad word or any inappropriate innuendos. He not only is a great singer but he plays multiple instruments and write his own music. That makes me respect him so much more! One of my favorite songs below!

Phillip Phillips

Phillip is the most recent winner of American Idol. I didn’t see a single episode of his season and had never heard his voice until his song Home started playing on the radio. I loved that song and gave his album a listen. I loved the sound of all his other songs and decided to buy the album. It is in my CD player in my car and The Hubs gets so annoyed that it is constantly playing. So good! Here is one of favorite songs!

Dave Barnes

This man is not super famous yet but I bet everyone knows one of his songs. He wrote and originally sang the song God Gave Me You. Blake Shelton released it as one of his singles and made it famous. This song was played in our wedding and is one of my favorites. And his song Nothing Fancy was our first dance song! But I love all of Dave’s (yep, first name basis) music and never get tired of his smooth voice and sweet lyrics. A favorite is below!

Gavin DeGraw

Most people have heard of his name because he is frequently played on the radio. He has some major pipes and all of his songs are so stinkin’ catchy! I have two of his albums and I love every single song on both of them. This one is a personal favorite!

Chris August

The only Christian singer on this list (although Ben Rector and Dave Barnes are Christians singing in the secular world) his music is not like any other Contemporary Christian artists. He has such a distinctive voice and sound. His music is very “chill”, it immediately relaxes me and puts me in a place of worship. Check out this song!

One thought on “My 5 Boys

  1. Sarah Elizabeth says:

    I LOVE all 5 of these guys too! We actually had Chris come lead devos for our team at work last summer – there were 20 or so of us and it was the most intimate musical hour and every time I listen to his music, I think of him acoustically leading us in worship! All these men are incredible, though I'd add Michael Buble to the list 😉


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