The Hubs and I are at a really weird (and scary) stage in our life together right now. We already did the whole engaged, married thing. Which is one of the biggest decisions we will ever make. After that, we had a year of pretty relaxed, laid-back newly-wed bliss. Few major life events took place, Collin got a new job and we bought a car. Other than that things were very simple for us and we were just enjoying our time together as husband and wife. 
Well that has changed, we still feel like we are in the middle of newly-wedded bliss but we also feel like we are at a bit of a crossroads in our life, where every decision we might make is a decision that will dramatically change our lives. Buy a house? A new career? Start a family? 
These are big things people! No escaping it, these are the things on our minds right now and it is terrifying. All of these things will on some level change our lives forever and we don’t take that lightly. So when thinking and praying about these life decisions we often get really scared and nervous.
But, even more than fear, we feel excitement and are overwhelmed with joy! How exciting to think about all the amazing things we get to do together and that God has planned for us! We may be in the midst of a crossroads in our life as a little family but what a fun crossroads it is! So full of possibilities and joy! 

We pray for wisdom and the strength to seek God in this season!

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