Days Gone By

I will admit, this post came into existence partly because I was looking through old photos the other day and partly because I have been low on blog inspiration lately. (so if you got any ideas, let me know 😉
So what was created, is a post full of pictures from the early days of The Hubs and I dating. I love looking back and remembering the way we progressed from crush, to like and eventually to love! It was such a sweet journey and the best part is that it ended with a new family being built! So take a look at what we will call “The First Steps To Becoming The Smiths!”

* in semi-chronological order

So fun that all of that led to this…
and then eventually this!

One thought on “Days Gone By

  1. Tobi says:

    Ok, so we used up all our super-high speed internet, and things are running slowly today. I saw “all of that fun led to this” and was gonna KILL you if you put up an ultra sound picture! Haha! (But seriously, I better be among the first to know when all your fun leads to another niece or nephew!)


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