Squeaky Clean

I am a neat freak. Yup. My parents are laughing right now because that is not the way I was when I lived in their house, but just ask The Hubs. I am a neat freak. Since living on my own I have really come to care about how my space is presented. Not for others (honestly), but for myself. I do not like walking into places that are cluttered and dirty. So why would I want my own home to be like that? I can’t go to bed with dishes in the sink, many a night the last thing I do right before bed is load the dishwasher. I can’t stand when the living room blankets and pillows are scattered all over and the coffee table is littered with junk. When the carpets have even one of two specs of dirt on them, it is time to vacuum. Bathrooms are cleaned once a week at our house and the kitchen is made spotless immediately after dinner is over with. Yep, told ya. Neat freak.

Now, just because I said I am a neat freak doesn’t mean that my house is always spotless. I do have a life and as we all know, life has a tendency to get in the way of cleaning time! So when the school year begins and I am busy, my house’s cleanliness takes a hit. It bothers me, but I can at least prioritize and see that sleep is more important than dishes or that getting that lesson plan written comes before vacuuming. This Fall is going to be my last semester of school and I will be student teaching. So I will be working a full-time job, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. So I decided it was time to get a cleaning schedule in place to that I can keep my sanity during the school year. I whipped this little guy up on photoshop (to match my kitchen of course) and will post it on the fridge as a reminder. This is what I will do each evening after work and if it doesn’t get done for some reason (life) then it will get moved to Saturday.

I will let you know how it goes. Since I care about the cleanliness of our house I will most likely have no problem sticking to it. However, I have also never been a full-time teacher so who knows, maybe these are my last days as a neat freak!

One thought on “Squeaky Clean

  1. Tobi says:

    I hear you'd like to have kids sometime in the future. Enjoy your last days as a neat freak… But seriously, cute idea. Can you make a customizable, printable version? (Even if it's just for me?) I'd love to have this for my house!


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