Reasons Why Having Animals Is A Lot Like Having Kids

We constantly have to be thinking about poop and pee and taking care of poop and pee. Mavis needs to be taken out and Melvin’s litter needs to be scooped. We also had to potty train them both, and there were several accidents along the way.
We reward them for good behavior by treats, belly rubs or words of encouragement. We also punish them for bad behavior. The kennel, a swat on the nose, or “time-out” in the garage.

We are constantly breaking up fights. I can’t tell you how many times a day one of us has to say “Melvin, that was mean” or “Mavis, leave your brother alone!” 

We have to clean up messes they have made or things they have broken. Melvin once knocked over a candle warmer on Mavis’ head and we had to rub peanut butter all over her head to get the wax off. Melvin also jumped up on the bookcase bringing down a decorative tray that had glass jars on it. Boy was that ever a mess to clean up. 
We have to get babysitters for them when we go out of town.

If we don’t close the door, we have absolutely NO privacy in the bathroom. And most times they are waiting outside the door when I open it.
Can you say moochers? Anytime there is food around these fur-babies are right in our faces trying to get a nibble. If Mavis hears a food bag rustle she sprints to wherever it is and Melvin has a built in radar for all things cheese related. 
Every morning at 5:33 on the dot (not even joking, it’s freaky) they start to rustle. Melvin scratches on the door frame and meows until he gets fed. Mavis walks around the bed crying until she is fed and taken out. (This wouldn’t be so bad if they would hold off for just one hour, when my alarm goes off). 

So as you can see, having fur-children is a whole heck of a lot like having human children. It is nice knowing that we are being somewhat prepared for our future little ones!

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