Cheap Date Night

The Hubs and I enjoyed a fun and super cheap date night Friday!

We call this one Breakfast-For-Dinner-Pajama-Movie-Night!

This all started because we got a coupon in the mail for a free movie rental! After I got off work we headed to pick up the movie, then back home to cook our waffles, bacon and eggs and get into our jammies!

We sat down to eat our delicious meal, and even made it candle lit!

Then it was clean-up time! Be jealous ladies because I have a man who always offers to help clean-up after meals!

We didn’t really think ahead because we decided we needed some snacks for our movie and ran to the store to get popcorn, dollar movie candy, rootbeer and The Hubs really wanted some ice cream.

Then we turned off the lights, got cozy and watched Oz the Great and Powerful! It was a really great movie, we were surprised by how much we liked it!

All in all we probably spend about $10-$15 total on our whole evening and we had a great time!

Cheap and fun is a successful date night in my book!

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