She Reads Truth

Let me be honest. I am not good at reading the Bible.

There. I said it. 
I know as a follower of Christ it is so important to be in the word daily and there is so much good that comes from reading the Bible. I just don’t even know where to start sometimes. I have trouble just picking it up and starting to read. I have asked people about certain books that are great to start with, I have tried reading plans and other guides and I still just struggle. I have found that if I do a devotional that has commentary along with reading I do much better. I have looked high and low for the perfect one and have found some good ones. But, the same thing always happens. I stick with it and LOVE it for about a week and then I start to struggle to get through it. It really is sad because I have a desire to be spending time in the Bible. 
Well ladies, if you are sitting there thinking “this sounds just like me!” Let me tell you that there is hope, I have found the perfect study and it is blessing my life so much! 
She Reads Truth

She Reads Truth is an online Bible study for women that offers a variety of reading plans that are absolutely amazing. Each day is written by one of 6 women (who all happen to be bloggers) so you get a different perspective and writing style each time. They are not super long and involved, for those of us who are incredibly busy. But, they are not boring and only scratch the surface. Each is an awesome look at the Bible and really stirs your heart. 
I encourage all women to at least try this out. Right now they are going through a series all about women of the Bible and gosh is it good. I encourage you to give it a try, especially if you struggle with just straight reading the Bible. Great news is, there is also an app for it so you can take it with you and do it on your lunch break! 

6 thoughts on “She Reads Truth

  1. Nicole says:

    I love that you are so honest about it! I know that it is a struggle for a lot of people so I am sure that you are really encouraging someone else. 🙂 LOVE She Reads Truth!


  2. Kim says:

    I am terrible at keeping up with daily devotionals too, and just started She Reads Truth this week. I love it! And I agree that the commentary helps me get so much more out of the scriptures. Here's to sticking with it! 🙂


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