You Might Be A Poor Newlywed If…

… your husband calls you at work just to tell you how low your power bill was that month.

… you think using one coupon at the grocery store makes you amazing.

… you find an old wal-mart gift card in your hubby’s wallet and check the balance thinking there is a dollar or two on it. When you hear that it is worth $28.71 you both (literally) scream for joy and start talking about what all you can buy.

We recently came into some major cash…

… when you don’t get a bill in the mail that day, you freak out and think something is wrong.

… when one of you has cash it feels like you found buried treasure.

… you can only  grocery shop on the second or fourth Thursday of the month because that is pay-day.

I am sure many of you can relate, with only one of us working a salary job (The Hubs) and me working part time and still in school, things are tight. However, I sure can’t complain too much because every bill we have gets paid on time and after they are all paid we still have some left over!

3 thoughts on “You Might Be A Poor Newlywed If…

  1. Laurel says:

    Oh girl, I totally feel you on this one. The hubs and I are only living off of his salary right now because I still can't find a job! If I find something I can use a coupon for, I am elated!!


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