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I am so overjoyed that you all are going to get to read Sarah’s words today! This girl is the real deal! Not only is she gorgeous, fashionable and funny but she has an amazing heart for God. If you spend any amount of time on her blog you will quickly learn what amazing faith she has! On top of all that, her 2013 New Years resolution was to not buy any clothes for a year and she has stuck to it! That is inspiration right there!

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Hi NYOS readers! I’m Sarah and I blog over at Tucker Up. I am so excited Tavia asked me to post over here today because there is nothing more important to me than my faith, and my husband. Today, we will be touching on my faith. You can head over to my blog to hear oodles about Mr. Tucker, if you’d like.
Let’s get started, shall we? I am going to be focusing on how Christianity is evolving within our culture. I am going to hit on a few points that really get me fired up about this topic.
1. The bible verse tattoos. This has nothing to do with tattoos, but it has everything to do with living a Christian lifestyle. It all started in college when I noticed person after person getting religious tattoos, throwing pictures of it on Facebook, and then posting pictures that, as a Christian, I was offended by. Drunk at parties when they are underage, wearing provocative clothing, etc. all while in every picture you can see the cross hanging around their neck, or bible verse stamped on their body. Really?? Christianity has evolved within our culture in a way where we think that if we speak about God, write the words of the bible on our body, and go to church every Sunday, we are a Christian. Wrong.You see, being a Christian demands more than a couple hours in church every Sunday and the commitment of Philippians 4:13 stamped on your back. If being a Christian were easy, everyone would be doing it. What everyone is doing is devaluing the importance of Christianity by making it seem like all it takes is a life-long commitment to a tattoo and owning a bible in order to be brought into those pearly gates.
2. Posting bible versus on social media, going to church, shouting out on social media how Godly you are….only when the going gets rough. When people are happy they very rarely post bible versus (sadly). But, when the going gets rough it is like this person flipped a switch and, because they are needing God, they all of a sudden acknowledge His presence. Let me say something. God does EVERYTHING for a reason and He knows when you are ‘using’ Him and guess what, He doesn’t care. If even for a moment you speak His words, He is happy because that is one step closer to Him. But, just like a sport, you have to consistently practice Christianity. You can’t just pray when you get broken up with, or lose a loved one. You can’t just go to church on Christmas and Easter. You have to practice and not ‘show-boat’ your Christianity.
3. It is all about the “cool” churches and saying you go to church. I have met so many people who ‘go to church.’ What is sad is they go to say they go and they are not spiritually present. Although this concept really saddens me, the fact that they are at church is a step in the right direction. To be honest, sometimes I cry in church because I am so moved by His word and His presence that I know He is with me, listening to my prayers, and hearing me rejoice. I wish everyone could experience that feeling, but simply going to church doesn’t get the job done. Praying before dinner because that is what you grew up doing doesn’t get the job done. If there is no passion in any of these actions then they are meaningless. 
As our culture evolves Christianity is becoming more of the ‘cool’ thing as opposed to what it was made for; to develop a relationship with God. People spin the bible their own way, skip around from church to church depending on what celebrity attends, or how the music is. No one is focusing on God, but more on how ‘being a Christian’ will make them look in a crowd. 
It is a sad development, but as Christians, it is our duty to NOT turn our backs on those who may be lost, but instead help lead them to find God and develop a relationship with Him. Some people may say, “Oh, we don’t like that person because they aren’t a Christian…” when it is our duty to be disciples and spread His word. 
Christianity doesn’t have a ‘look.’ It isn’t the brown-haired girl in the perfect dress, or the mom with the bob-haircut who feverishly takes notes every week. It could be the tattoo artist, the ex-hooker, the recovering drug attic, the teacher, the lawyer, the couple looking to God to save their marriage, or the lost teenager just trying to find their place in this world. 
You see, as Christianity evolves, so do we as people, but one thing always remains the same. In order to call yourself a Christian you must maintain a relationship with God. A deep, loving, spiritual relationship that is deeper than any tattoo, or Facebook status, and cooler than any church you have ever been to. **In no way do I aim to offend anyone. This post is 100% my opinions discussing a topic I am very passionate about.   Photobucket

2 thoughts on “Blogging With Faith ~ Sarah

  1. Laurel says:

    Amen! Such a true and honest post, I love it! I know that I am guilty of so many things above, especially not sharing my faith and beliefs as much as I should- this definitely calls people out (in a good way) and pushes me personally to pursue a deeper and more meaningful relationship with God, instead of just going through the motions. Thanks for sharing!


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