Loving Lately

Just a couple random things in life I have really been enjoying! (in large amounts)

Walking Mavis
In the last couple of weeks I have started to walk Mavis every evening after I get home from work. Missouri has been having amazing weather lately. It has been in the low eighties for a high and in the evenings it is between 70-75 (of course I wrote this a week earlier and now it’s hotter than snot). Perfect weather if you ask me. Mavis and I walk the same route each time and I drove it the other day to find out how far it was. I was so happy to see that it was exactly a mile! Good for me and the pooch!

Watching Kitchen Nightmares on Netflix
The Hubs introduced me to this show and now I am hooked. Basically chef Gordon Ramsey goes to restaurants that are failing and takes over to get them back on track. It is shocking to see where some of the restaurants start out and how in he world they are still running. Just a really interesting show and not too much of my attention is needed, so I can read a million blogs while I watch!

Reading on the Patio
If you follow my instagram you have seen quite a few pictures proving that I spend a lot of time on the patio. Like I mentioned before, the weather has been amazing. The other night I had to go in and get a blanket because I was actually cold reading outside. I light a citronella candle (gnats have been terrible in MO) take out a glass of water and read for about an hour. Bliss.

Drinking Out of a Mason Jar
Yes, I realize how lame this sounds but I also think that the cuteness of a drink in a mason jar outweighs the lameness factor! I had two mason jars that were just sitting in storage so I got them out and used ‘em as cups! Now it’s the only thing I drink out of, I just feel so country ya’ll! 😉

Penguin Crackers

Seriously everyone has to go get these! They are the Great Value version of Goldfish and they are (in my opinion) a million times better. They are way cheaper too! Only real problem with these amazing crackers is that they are tiny and I literally eat about half a bag in one sitting… oops!

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