Cat Letters

Dear Melvin,
I don’t know how it is possible for me to love something and also hate something so much at the same time. You are the most annoying cat I have ever met. You are gluttonous as heck. I really wish that you did not have an inner clock that goes off exactly 30 minutes before I am to get up at 6:30. I also wish your inner clock did not force you to meow right at the foot of our bed, bat at my hand and scratch on the door frames. Your inner clock is also incredibly stupid because it seems to think that anytime anyone is in the kitchen (where your food is) that you should be fed. So again, you meow non-stop! I also am not too fond of the fact that anytime I am eating anything involving cheese, you are right in my face trying to get a lick. Nacho cheese! There are literally many times when I would like to give you away and I really don’t think I would miss you. 
Then you do things like this…
Yes, you are adorable and you know it. I love how much you will snuggle when you are sleepy. I can always count on you climbing right up in my lap and laying down when I am on the couch. Many a night you have literally slept in my arms, you little snuggle bug. I love how you are always in the window when I drive up, like you were waiting for me. Last week you were found in the window laying on your back with your legs spread out. Pretty funny. I have to admit it was also pretty cute when you were chasing that moth around the kitchen. Maybe you shouldn’t try to get birds through the screen door anymore though, I think that probably hurt. 
What I am trying to say, is that as much as you annoy me (and your father), I think my love outweighs the hate. I look forward to many more years as your mother.
With all the love in my heart (I am sucking up so you won’t wake me up tomorrow morning),


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